About Us

Mr. Senghuat Boun ( Huat )

Chum Reap Suor !

Let me introduce myself first !
My name is Senghuat Boun. I'm an English Speaking Tour Guide and Tour Organizer in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Since I was at school I am really interested in histories and cultures and I thought one day I would get a job related to these. My dream became true in 2008 that I had an opportunity to attend a Training Course as a tour guide in Angkor Archaeological Park by the Ministry of Tourism in Cambodia. Since then, I have got a chance to meet tourists from around the world. I have been working as a tour guide for many years. So I understand very well how to arrange various itineraries to meet the needs of tourists from a short trip to a longer one. So please contact About Cambodia Services to help you arrange your trip in Cambodia unforgettable. I am a co-founder of About Cambodia Services in purpose to serve you from heart.

I hope to serve you soon !

Mr. Nathan Khan ( Bunthan )

Dear valued customers,

Warmest greeting from Siem Reap Angkor, Kingdom of Cambodia !

I am Bunthan Khan. I was born in 1986 in the countryside near Siem Reap city. Now I am a professional licensed English Speaking tour guide, this is one of my dream job as well. I have been guiding tourists for many years but before I started working as a tour guide, I was an employee in an International Travel Company about 4 years, as a guests service agent. Through my experiences, my co-workers and I are committed to provide all tourists with a memorable and unforgettable experience while they are in Siem Reap.

I would like all of you to spend your valuable time to visit Siem Reap Angkor and other destinations in Cambodia once in a life time, and I am happy to show you around.

Best regards,


Mr. Sakriya Sorn ( Ya )

Suor Sdei !

My name is Sakriya Sorn called "Ya". I have been working as a tour guide for many years in Angkor Area as well as other tourist attractive destinations in Cambodia, kingdom of wonder. I had an opportunity to gain training course as a tour guide with the ministry of tourism in 2008. Since then I have been working and serving many tourists from the bottom of my heart. Contact About Cambodia Services now to get unforgettable services served by my professional tour guide group.

I am looking fowards to serving all of you soon.

Mr. Vicheth Chan ( Jet )

My name is Vicheth Chan called "Jet ". I was born on 04 April,1985.
I am a professional licensed English and Thai speaking tour guide. I have been working as a guide since 2008 after I had a chance to get training from the ministry of tourism of Kingdom of Cambodia.
I love my job very much because it makes me to have more chance to meet people from around the world and also like to be friendly, punctually, honestly, and responsibility to all people, especially my customers. Please contact About Cambodia Services for your tour in Cambodia, then I will have an opportunity to serve you the best. I am waiting to make your trip unforgettable.

Mr. Saravy Sor ( Saravy )

Welcome to Kingdom of Cambodia !

I've a great honor to introduce myself to you. My Name is Saravy Sor and I'm a professional licensed tour guide in Angkor and other tourist attractive sites in Cambodia for over 10 years. I've got a deep knowledge of all aspects of temples, history, arts, legends and culture of Khmer Empire. I'm very delightful to work with About Cambodia Services team and I promise to make your trip in Cambodia memorable and unforgettable.

I'm looking forwards to serving all of you the best !

Sincerely yours,

Saravy Sor (Mr.)